We help you to create successful property development projects.

We are the leading expert in modular construction in Finland.

It´s high time to move from old-fashioned on-site construction to modern technology that is not severed by long building times and expensive chain of sub-contractors.

Modular construction can cut off up to 70% of the building time and 20-50% of the costs compared to the expensive on-site construction. Modular building is superior in add-on projects and a very environmental friendly way of building apartment buildings, offices, schools, care-homes, etc.

A module building built in a dry production facility is free of problems caused by humidity or fungus.

In both mature and emerging markets, we work extensively with public and private developers, city authorities, investors and land owners to help them optimize the returns from their new and existing real estate developments. We understand every step of the investment and development process and protect your interests by helping you make fully informed and best decisions. ​

To achieve the right balance among risk, cost and opportunity, we perform financial feasibility studies and real-time market analysis. We’ll help you assess the most appropriate form, timing and positioning for your development taking into account market conditions, local regulations and funding considerations.