We represent all major property owners in Finland and help them by searching the best tenants into their vacant premises with 27-years of experience.

Tenant Representation

When your requirements for space or business have changed. You are unsure what other options are out there?

Whatever your reasons for considering a move, this stage is filled with uncertainties. Should you expand within your building? Find a totally new space ? Or would renovating your current space be enough to improve workflow?

Once you come to that decision, there are things to consider as you inevitably change over the course of your lease. Five or ten years is a long time to be stuck in the same location under the same terms.

Markets fluctuate, employees multiply, new technologies emerge. One thing is certain: you need to make room for the future even if you can’t predict it. Whether that means a moderate renovation or full-tilt relocation, this guide will help you start the discussion. So that if and when you decide to move (and even if you don’t), you’ll know exactly what to expect and ensure the dynamics of your business instead of being a prisoner of a bad lease.

We’ll find the right space to suit your business plans and negotiate optimal lease terms. 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We advise the tenant whether you need help in finding suitable premises for your business or you need help in renegotiating your current lease.

Our services include workplace consultation, finding the best suitable premises that supports your business (also off-market premises), competitive bidding of landlords, qualitative and quantitative analysis of space alternatives, site visits, recommendations for solutions and contract negotiations. 

With our experience, in-depth commercial property market and lease term intelligence we can negotiate the best terms for your lease. Together with our experienced partners we can take the responsibility of the coordination of your relocation process. We also ensure that the entire process is completed on time.